Our company

At Joropo Food, we are not only dedicated to selling food; We also share a story. We are deeply passionate about Venezuelan cuisine and we strive to convey that passion to each customer who visits us. From our humble roots to our most iconic dishes, each product we offer tells a story of tradition, flavor and heart. We are proud to be more than just an online store; We are true ambassadors of Venezuelan culinary culture. Our mission goes beyond offering you food products; We strive to be a bridge that connects people to the rich history and culinary traditions of Venezuela. Each dish we offer is a window to our culture, a way to share the warmth and joy that characterize our land. Join us on this gastronomic journey and discover the true essence of Venezuela in every bite.

  • Emma

    Outstanding in the planning and programming of advertising campaigns.

  • Noah

    Project strategist and developer, specialist in digital channels and ecosystems.

  • Sophia

    SEO positioning specialist of our team.